Our Partner Audio Visual Companies Serving Indiana, Western Michigan, and Chicagoland

Focus Audio Visual’s AV supplier companies are our business partners, so we’ve considered each company carefully on these key factors in granting them this status to provide you with the ultimate, state-of-the-art audio visual innovations: company stability, product quality, product variety/specialty, financial compensation, pricing, quality of operations, and training and support. Our corporate goal was to select a group of suppliers that best mirrors the audio visual needs of the industries and corporate markets that we serve at the highest level, on an on-going basis, their top products help enhance any client a/v installation.

These partners manufacture and distribute the audio visual equipment and supplies that we use in our stand-alone equipment installations and audio visual systems integration and audio visual design, so you can be certain that they represent the premier companies in their areas of expertise. For conference rooms, boardrooms, telemedicine, audio visual production, pa systems, and many more applications, these top products help enhance any client a/v installation.

Control Systems

Residential control systems

commercial AV solutions

commercial AV solutions


Projection screens




Interactive whiteboards

Digital Signage

Sound Masking & acoustical treatments


Displays and Projectors

Displays and TVs

Video Conferencing Solutions

A/V Receivers, Amplifiers


AV solutions

Commercial amplifiers

AV furniture

Commercial AV solutions

Power and cable solutions

Equipment racks


Commercial AV solutions

Touch Screens

Commercial audio solutions

Commercial AV solutions


AV solutions

Audio solutions

Outdoor tvs

Networking solutions






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