Laura Pavnica-Zmudzinski

Sales & Design Administrator

Laura is a sales and design administrator at Focus Audio Visual. Having worked there for five years, Laura’s favorite part about Focus Audio Visual is the excellent work atmosphere. “It has been wonderful working with such a supportive team!” reflects Laura. Throughout her years at Focus Audio Visual, she takes pride in contributing to the teamwork and collaboration that fuels the company’s innovative ideas. With client satisfaction in mind, each day she looks forward to helping find and execute on solutions to boost productivity and creativity in each new work environment.

In her free time, Laura enjoys vacationing with her family, which includes her daughter (17) and son (13). Their favorite vacation spot is in Florida where they can visit her sister and brother-in-law. She also finds joy in supporting her children’s activities that include cheerleading, lacrosse, soccer, and basketball. Separate from family activities, Laura loves spending time in her yard and doing home improvement projects.

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